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I’ve Got Friends…In Hot Places

Typical IT Closet packed with IT Equipment

The goal of this article is to provide several options that you, the specifying engineer, can use to better combat the awkward heat loads that small rooms filled with IT equipment can present.


The Dawn of the 10 Year Labor Warranty

Figure 19: Thermotech Drive with Geared Speed Reducer

In this article we explore in great detail all the components of a heat recovery wheel and how they affect reliability. We focus on Thermotech’s Energy Recovery Wheels, which are built like tanks and feature a standard 10 year parts and labor warranty (yes, that is not a misprint).


Sharpen Your VRF Tools

LG Program

From High Schools to Military Bases to Prisons, VRF has found its way into your design toolbox in a big way. Growing up my father taught me the importance of properly maintaining my tools, so I want to take a little of your time today and sharpen your VRF knowledge. This articles covers tips, secrets, suggestions, and insights on how to design the perfect VRF job.


ASHRAE 62.Wonderful

VOC Air Changes

When you think about ASHRAE 62.1 the first word to come to mind is probably not “Wonderful”. ASHRAE 62.1 is typically associated with design headaches, additional expense, and a general feeling of frustration. Bioclimatic’s bi-polar ionization equipment provides an ASHRAE-approved path to effectively reduce outside air requirements by up to 50%.


No Compromise Air-Cooled Chillers

YVAA vs Ordinary Chiller

In the past, the decision to specify an air-cooled chiller came with the expectation of compromise, where simplicity of design and maintenance were traded for a cut in performance and efficiency. This isn’t the case anymore. Johnson Control’s YORK YVAA air-cooled screw compressor with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) provides a far better balance by combining the best of both worlds: a high performance design that minimizes the total cost of ownership.


Hot Gas Reheat Isn’t Free


We are trained to believe that hot gas reheat is the most efficient process for “free” reheat of air that has been cooled and dehumidified. Hot gas reheat carries with it a significant energy penalty, which can be overcome through careful application of Multiple Small Plate heat exchanger technology. Learn more about MSP technology and why hot gas reheat isn’t free in this article.


ASHRAE Standard 15 & VRF


It’s a fact: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology is taking off in the Southeast United States in a big, big way. As more owners, architects, engineers, and contractors become familiar with the technology and its proper application similar questions begin to come up fairly regularly. Learn how to effectively apply ASHRAE Standard 15 in VRF design applications.


Lessons from a CRAC Dealer


Unless you have actually been inside a large datacenter it is difficult to understand the scale of their design requirements. Learn how understanding and referencing the Uptime Institute’s datacenter design criteria before a project starts can help you manage performance expectations and costs.


Outstanding Outside Air Capabilities

NAS Solidworks

Don’t you love it when you are watching TV or surfing the Internet and run across something that completely encapsulates everything you try to do? Click here to watch a video that sums our our design expectations for every piece of outside air equipment we work with.