Outstanding Outside Air Capabilities

Don’t you love it when you are watching TV or surfing the Internet and run across something that completely encapsulates everything you try to do? Have you ever seen this commercial on TV?

When it comes to outside air or process dehumidification, your experience when working through an equipment selection shouldn’t be that much different. All too often we see manufacturers (and manufacturers’ representatives) encouraging design engineers to specify outside air equipment from a catalog. In my experience I can tell you that this is a bad idea. Each project you are involved in has specific requirements for CFM, capacity, dewpoint, leaving air temperature, external static pressure, and the list goes on and on.

So if you aren’t specifying from a catalog…are you specifying a custom unit? When engineers, architects, and owners hear custom they think big fat dollar signs. I dislike the term custom and all the connotations that go along with it – the term I prefer is application-specific. When you work with an outside air & process dehumidification manufacturer who understands the psychometric chart inside and out and has tight control over manufacturing quality, process, and flexibility you can get a unit designed specifically for your need without paying the “custom” price tag.

The most important tool in your engineering toolbox are manufacturers who are willing to look at your application and pick from a wide range of components to create a piece of equipment specific to your needs (and do it cost effectively). One-size-fits-all manufactures might allow you to tweak some options and some manufacturers might even let you change the size of a evaporator air inlet, but no one gives you the depth and breadth of control over your outside air and process dehumidification like McNellage & Associates and the manufacturers we represent.

As a design engineer you should understand that when it comes to outside air and process dehumidification you have the following options for process dehumidification and outside air:

  • Air handler configuration: ceiling-mounted, vertical floor-mounted, rooftop split, and rooftop packaged configurations
  • Heat rejection configuration: condenser water, chilled water, condenser, condensing unit, packaged, and drycoolers
  • Evaporator air inlet and outlet configuration. Same thing goes for the condenser or condensing unit
  • Modular DX and chilled water equipment meant for freight elevators, not cranes
  • Any external static you need, 1725/3450 RPM blower motors, VFDs (a must for demand-based ventilation with CO2 sensors) and ECM Fan Motors
  • Single and double wall cabinets. Stainless steel cabinet. Seacoast resistant aluminum.
  • 208-230/1/60, 208-230/3/60, 460/3/60, and overseas voltages
  • Neutral air, primary cooling/heating, capacity assist for shouldering primary load, LEED projects where high efficiency is a must, and projects where footprint matters more than anything else
  • Suction line accumulators, modulating flooded head pressure control, hot gas bypass, and modulating variable speed fan head pressure control (propeller fan condensers)
  • Dew point control (if a manufacture says they do RH control please do us all a favor and kick them out of your office), microprocessor integration with alarms and BMS/EMS integration through ModBus, BACnet over MS/TP, BACnet over IP, and LonWorks.
  • Hot gas reheat for neutral air, capacity assist for shouldering primary load, electric duct heaters, SCR fired electric heaters, hot water heat/reheat, natural gas/propane heat/reheat, steam heat/reheat, and heat pump operation
  • CO2 sensors, condensate pumps, disconnects, smoke detectors, firestat, water leak detectors, hanging vibration isolations, compressor acoustic/sound jackets, stainless steel condensate drain pans, and voltage/phase monitors
  • UV lights plus any low/medium/high/ridiculously high MERV rating filters
  • Plus many, many more. Use your imagination and see how we can surprise you with our innovation.

If your project requires outside air or process dehumification, your project needs AboveAir Technologies and/or Nautica Air Systems equipment.

We are absolutely passionate about energy efficient dehumidification and outside air systems. Every year we work with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors all over the Gulf Coast to design thousands of CFMs of this equipment. We would love to work with you and your team! Click here to contact us and learn how to make your HVAC systems starting saving you thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.

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